Simply Summer Home Tour

Do you ever feel like your home looks best in one season? This house is a summer house. We live in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts so I always find myself decorating like the ocean and summer… just look at our blues, white and grays. My husband, AJ, and I have two biological children, Drew (6) and Elle (4) and […]

Stripes for Days (sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens)

I always feel like I’m learning as I go with Drew, well, actually, all my kids, but mostly with him because he’s the oldest. There are so many times that AJ and I find ourselves frustrated with him and it’s funny, more often than not it’s about things that one of us, or both, have […]

Office Bling

After numerous times of AJ hitting his head on the office chandelier we decided to replace it with this sparkly light. I miss the length and size of the chandelier, the room feels so big without it, but for practicality sake we had to have something shorter because of the placement of the desk. The light […]