Kitchen Updates

Right now we are in a holding place for the kitchen so I thought I’d give you a little update of what’s happening right now while we wait for more exciting progress to happen. Plumbing (I know, so exciting!) This is the biggest reason we are in the holding pattern. We should have had all […]


Good Morning and Happy New Year! I figured I’d start out the new year with a little into about myself because sometimes the details behind the person are missed when reading a blog and if we are starting a year together let’s get to know each other. I love interviews (AJ always jokes that I […]

Kitchen Progress: Floors and Cabinetry

If you’ve followed along on Instagram stories you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of progress on our kitchen since the beginning of December… and have been living out of our dining room and living room as the kitchen as been worked on. It’s been both easier and more difficult than I thought but I […]