Frosty Fridays

This past weekend was so good for my soul. Our family got away to The Colonnade in Boston’s Back Bay. It’s only about forty minutes from our home but it’s about as different as can be. I’ve traveled all over the United States and some of Europe and Boston still remains my favorite city. It’s […]

Budget Condo Redo

In October AJ and I were hired to do a budget redo of a condo out of state owners wanted to put on the market. I had $17,000 to redo the house well enough to sell at a profit. Our main job was to paint the walls, renovate the bath and kitchen and refinish the […]

Best and Most Highly Recommended Purchases of 2017

We were predicted to get upwards of 15 inches of snow on Thursday so everyone had school cancelled, the kids stayed up later than usual and watched Little Rascals (for the second time this week) and we had blueberry pancakes this morning. I got up that morning, worked out, showered and then changed directly back […]